luen muteSTITCHES
luen muteSTITCHES 16 Jun 2020

RAVEN BLACK- Blackening (stitches bass-playthrough)

In Music

⁣Stitches once again taking us in a journey of bass parts for the blackening!!!

Stitches proudly uses Darkglass products, EMG pickups, SIT strings, ENKI cases, INTUNE guitar picks and SHURE.


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Ryan Butler
Ryan Butler 12 months ago

I know you often play in drop D, but this sounds like standard tuning.

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luen muteSTITCHES
luen muteSTITCHES 11 months ago

Yes, guitar is on standard tuning, but my bass remains on drop D :p

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Jim Robbins
Jim Robbins 12 months ago


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