AerialAdventures 20 Nov 2020

Hurricane Creek Park in Vinemont, Alabama


⁣Hurricane Creek Park located just off Highway 31 in South Vinemont, is
nestled in a 500-foot-deep canyon in the foothills of the Appalachian
Mountains called Hurricane Creek Gorge. Visitors can spend the day
trekking or bird watching along the four miles of designated hiking
trails that wind through the lush woods, unique rock formations and
cliff sides of the gorge. Notable locations in the park that were formed
by the weathering of natural rock include Twilight Tunnel, the Stairway
to Heaven, and Dead Man’s Squeeze. Along the trails you will see
several waterfalls. One rolls over a large bluff and you can walk behind
it. The other waterfall has a wooden bridge that leads you across the
base of the falls. There is a swimming hole just above the dam to cool
off after your hike.

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